Born in June Creative Studios 

2019 Services

Brand Positioning: The best and most recognizable brands are cohesive and consistent. We work with you to express the essence of your brand. Then we develop messaging for your various audiences. We can even come to train everyone in your company about what to talk about what you do in an engaging way. Packages vary by company size. 

Brand Commercials and Videos: Video will continue to grow in popularity in 2019.  We can conceptualize your video, record, edit and deliver you versions ready to share on your site and social media. Starting price: $2,000. 

Social Media Management: Whether you are a large company looking for a fresh start or a lifestyle brand seeking support we can help you craft a strategy that maximizes the return on your investment. Prices vary. 

Event Branding Online and Offline: We create a seamless experience for your next event or campaign. From your event logo, event language, social media assets, and in-person materials. We help elevate your event to create a memorable experience that delivers a large digital footprint. 

Visual Branding Essentials Package: Includes a responsive logo, social media icons and a guide on how to use them: Starts at $1500.00.  (for small businesses or individuals) 

Brand Language Package: (for small businesses or individuals)  Let’s figure out your why and how you are communicating with your audience or customers. We can re-write or edit existing language that converts and aligns with your brand values and sales goals. Let's make sure that your audience is properly understanding the value you or your service provides. Rates vary by needs. 

Podcast Essentials: The influence of voice communication will only continue to grow. Podcasting is becoming the next big thing and is an excellent way to brand yourself, and find your voice. We can help you take your podcast from idea to launch with a kick-ass web presence too!  Ask for special pricing! 

Workshop and Public Speaking: If you have a team that needs to learn the basics of social media we can put together a training to teach them the fundamentals of branding and social media.

A La Carte Services 

Give Me the Logo: We are offering this for a limited time but if you are absolutely sure you ONLY want a logo, we will do it for $700.00. This vital piece of your brand identity will inform the look and feel of your future branding development. In other words, the beginning of your brand DNA.

Web or Sales Page: Don’t be afraid to talk about you or your business in a new way. Let’s evolve your “About Me” or product descriptions..”$200.00 per page 

Brochures: If you need a brochure to promote your cause or if you are a candidate seeking political office we are happy to help you create pieces that are custom and will surely stand out from the rest! Prices vary. 

Ghostwriting: Specialized pieces of writing in your field to help you establish your position as a thought leader or pieces for your company blog. Expertise in various areas including branding, policy, career advice, lifestyle, parenting, Latinx, and Millennial issues: Starting rate $200.00/ piece 

A La Carte Biography: Includes long form, short form, and social media bio. (Two rounds of editing); $300.00 +150 if you want us to finesse your resume too!

Office Hours: One to two hours of consulting where you can ask us anything about branding your new business,  social media strategy, production, podcast activation or anything else and come out with key next steps you can implement immediately. $200/hour. 


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