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Betsy Aimee Cardenas is the Co-Founder and Chief of Content for Born in June Creative Studio. She is a writer, chief content creator, project manager and producer of impactful digital content. She has 10 years of experience creating compelling narratives and messaging for Latinx and Millennial audiences for clients across a variety of fields.

She leverages her mastery of language, understanding of platforms and insights into cultural shifts to help organizations, and brands communicate with their audiences. Whether it’s crafting narratives for social media, websites, producing podcasts, Facebook LIVE’s she is constantly working hard to improve her craft. She uses her empathy and ability to quickly understand you and your brand’s voice and create content that is reflective of that.

Her writing on careers, politics, mental health and parenting has been featured in publications like Marie Claire, VOX, and Forbes Woman.

She can be found quoting things she read on the internet.

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Joshua Sandoval is a designer, illustrator, and branding professional. He is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Born in June Creative Studio. He brings with him years of experience of in marketing, branding, and design and tailoring to content to Millennials and Generation Z.

From designer to creative director, Joshua has collaborated with an array of brands like Disney, Converse and Lionsgate. He prides himself on building brands with a compelling story behind them, who are also making a positive impact and cementing a legacy of entrepreneurship. Joshua also brings a distinct skill set which includes illustration, expertise of creative software, e-commerce, art direction, social media strategy and project management.

He is an avid relationship builder. He is fascinated by the ways in which technology is shaping how we interact with brands and each other.

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