How to Create Content that Converts in 2019


We scoured the internet for the latest trends in digital marketing.

We know you are busy so here are the top 3:

1) Color: Pantone color of the year is living coral. This is one of our favorite colors (check out our branding! This color will start to pop-up everywhere so think about how this color can co-exist with your current brand.

2) Living in Video: This isn’t surprising, but video is going to continue to grow in presence. Static photos will just not do it anymore. Talk to us about your digital strategy and how we can incorporate video.

3) Stand for Something: Gone are the days where brands remained neutral and quiet about their values or ethos. Brands from Nike are going BOLD. Corporate responsibility is no longer an option. We always guide our clients to lead with their values and their big WHY. This will matter in 2019 more than ever before.

Tell us how will incorporate these trends in your branding and marketing this year.